What we do

All over the nation, the demand for trucking services is huge! So many companies rely on trucks and other vehicles to get products delivered to customers. The industry itself is estimated to be worth over $600 billion, even as demand continues to increase daily.

The Problem

It takes a lot of effort to run a thriving and successful company in the trucking and transportation industry, especially when several drivers are involved. Drivers’ activities and behaviour play a key role in the success of the company. Companies miss deadlines and lose customers when they refuse to monitor drivers the way they should.

The Solution

Our revolutionary app, iDispatch, provides top-notch solution to driver tracking through vast range of functions related to driver monitoring, communication, information storage and retrieval, and company to company tracking. Transport companies can concentrate their effort on other core business while iDispatch handles the rest

What does Our Driver-Tracking App bring to you?

Smooth Running of Business

By using iDispatch, we help you save time and leave you with no safety worry about your drivers.

Minimize Cost

Since drivers are tracked, you can easily prevent unauthorised use of vehicles by drivers. Unwanted cost is minimized in the process.

Maximize Productivity

iDispatch can improve the performance of your drivers and help them remain dedicated to the vision of the company

What makes us Different?

We are a leading company that embraces technology to provide effective solution. We offer driver tracking solutions at affordable cost to companies in the transportation industry. iDispatch has been widely accepted by users, who appreciate our level of creativity and innovation.

Our core values of excellence, dedication and focus, drive us to develop a driver tracking app that outranks other apps currently available.

There is no substitute for the best! Choose iDispatch

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