Dispatching software is an essential tool for any modern passenger transport business. It provides companies with a solution to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Transportation dispatch software is widely used by taxi services, chauffeur services, bus services, child and pet transport services, travel agencies and others

  • Taxi services Taxi dispatch software is designed to help taxi companies streamline their dispatch process, reduce wait times for passengers, and increase overall productivity. The software allows taxi companies to manage their drivers' schedules, track their performance, and communicate with them through the app.
  • Chauffeur services Dispatch software enables chauffeur services to track and assign cars and drivers to each order more efficiently.
  • Bus services Dispatch scheduling software helps bus services to manage their fleet better, improve the safety of passengers and drivers, reduce wait times, optimize routes, and reduce costs.
  • Kids transportation services Kids transportation services ensure their young passengers' safety by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles and drivers with the help of a dispatch tracking app. This allows operators to quickly identify and respond to any safety concerns that may arise during transportation and ensure that children are picked up and dropped off at the right time and location.
  • Pet transportation services With iDispatch, a pet transportation service can track the location of the driver and the vehicle in real time, to monitor the movement of the pets and ensure they are being transported in a timely and safe manner.
  • Tour agencies Tour agencies use the dispatch track app to optimize their routes by identifying the best routes to take, minimizing the time spent on the road, and reducing costs.

Benefits of using mobile dispatch software

  • Passenger safety and satisfaction
  • Optimal management of schedules
  • Dynamic planning
  • Control over fuel and maintenance cost
  • Reduced operating costs

Essential features of transportation dispatch software

  • Driver tracking and monitoring Passenger transport companies can track the location of their drivers and vehicles in real-time, allowing operators to monitor their movements and keep track of their compliance with planned routes and times. This provides valuable information on drivers' performance and the efficiency of the entire operation.
  • Fleet management Fleet management technology provides the tools you need to manage your fleet more effectively, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. By improving fleet utilization, reducing downtime, and improving safety, companies can provide reliable and efficient transport services to their customers while increasing their profits.
  • Automated dispatching With advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, automated dispatch systems can optimize routing and scheduling, minimizing passenger waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction and company loyalty.
  • Route optimization By analyzing traffic patterns and road conditions in real-time, automated route optimization systems can provide drivers and dispatchers with the most efficient routes to reach their destinations.
  • Real-time communication Thanks to real-time communication capabilities, transport companies can keep passengers updated on the status of their transport journey, including expected arrival times (EAT), delays, and any other important updates.
  • Mobile dispatch app The mobile dispatch app for drivers and dispatchers allows you to receive notifications, update your status and communicate with dispatchers and customers.

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